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Out Here Tryna' Function...at 30

Adulting is ghetto alone, but 30+-adulting is a different kind of ghetto. It seems like the day between 29 and 30 changed everything — life's more urgent, decisions are more finite and my body is more tired. Even though it's only been a couple months since I activated my 30 club membership, it seems like my 20s were ages ago.

I had a quick chat with my fellow 30+ homegirls and agreed that this new decade can bring out a new side of you. I've definitely made up (and changed) my mind about a lot. Check out a few of my abbreviated rants below.

No. 1: Please, please don't waste my time.

From business to work to school to friends, I've kept a pretty full, ambitious life. But crossing over into this new decade has, 1) made me realize that I can't make everything a priority and 2) everything isn't worthy of being a priority. While I still have no problem pouring, I've decided to put more urgency behind seeking out more balanced and meaningful relationships, career moves and personal time that can feed me mind, body and soul. I've spent so much time wasting my time and being nice to people who've wasted my efforts. The idea of doing that in my 30s is like nails on a chalkboard — I just can't deal.

No.2: The idea of "just getting by" is for the birds.

The quick-fixes you make in your 20s (with the hopes you can worry about them later) hit you dead in the face in your 30s. Since dealing with them, it's become more important for me to make sure I am setting up my future to be easier. I've learned that happiness and success are a compilation of good choices every day, so I am much more focused on building a sustainable routine that can yield wealth, health and impact that's much bigger than me.

No. 3: Imposture syndrome is high-high.

Crossing into your 30s should feel like you got this thing called life right, right? SIKE! Life only becomes more complicated as you add in new dynamics of building your own family, see yourself as an adult, working to level-up in your career, etc. And while you may have earned fancy titles in your personal life (ex. mom) or professional life (ex. executive director), you may still feel like a newbie at just about everything.

No. 4: My tolerance is low-low.

These days, self-preservation is my key to not pulling my hair out at the end of the day. I am not interested in a lot of things that used to consume and stress me out. Drama? Leave me out of it. Games? Only the ones that come in a cardboard box with instructions, please. People-pleasing? Not even if they could pay one of my bills. Now, I feel it deep in my soul when I hear beyond say "Stop interrupting my grinding!"

No. 4: I want to enjoy life more.

I spent my 20s hustlin'. I was so ambitious and determined to have this mega business in multiple countries that I often forgot to celebrate my wins and my loved ones. To be honest, all of that seems exhausting these days. Although I still embrace the ambition of wanting more than myself, but I've also seen how detrimental burnout can be. I'm focused on creating a lifestyle that's more sustainable than working my fingers to the bone. I think the smart kids call it, "working smarter and not harder."

If you've crossed over into your 30s, what has it changed about your mindset?

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