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Hello, New Beginnings!

Updated: Jan 1

I promise not to be before you long. It's just that 2022 brings lots of new for me, and I want to share some of it:

The Creative Connection

I've had aspiring writers reach out to me wanting to know how I built my career as a writer. I'm eager to share how I did and help others do the same. The Creative Connection is the place where I offer all my insight and advice on writing. Business owners who are looking for DIY ways to create content themselves, please join us! You may find a connection in this writing community extremely useful.

The Healthy Christian Podcast

It’s about to get real and raw, y‘all! As Christians, we are called to a higher standard — but for too many, that brings shame, condemnation and secrecy about what we’re going through in an effort to seem perfect. I believe the more we are honest with ourselves and others, the healthier view of Christ we have, the healthier we are, and the more we can show a healthier view of Christianity. Tune in to continue the discussion with my friends and me.

Goodbye PoisedStudios.com

This one is bitter-sweet, as "Poised Studios" is how it all started for me. Formerly, it was the umbrella for my copywriting and freelancing services since I started freelance writing in 2014. With the creative direction I am taking, it became a no-brainer to shift everything under Danielle Writes It moving forward. You’ll still see it some places though (contracts, etc).

Writing Services & Pricing

Our copywriting pricing and packaging is much different this year, as we've merged all of our services into two categories: copywriting & content planning. After your initial consultation, we will create a customized content package for you based on the listed prices.

Please note:

  • I've discontinued discounts on all of our services, pricing on our website is final.

  • The services listed are the services we provide.

Copywriting & Content Planning Templates

If you can't afford our new pricing structure — I totally understand and still eagerly want to help you. That's why I am building some templates that can help you plan and create your own content for a fraction of the price! Make sure you are on our mailing list to see when they start rolling out.

Okay, that's all (for now).

Here's to 2022!

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